Plasterers select, mix and apply gypsum, cement and acrylic mixtures to exterior and interior walls and ceilings to produce clean finishes or decorative surfaces that are fire, weather or sound resistant. Plasterers can work on industrial, residential and commercial projects, and their duties vary according to the type of job.

You have physical stamina & agility.

You have an eye for detail.

You can meet tight deadlines.


  • Residential jobs: Apply plaster material over interior or exterior masonry surfaces, especially manufactured wallboard & drywall surfaces, including plaster, stucco or acrylic
  • Industrial and commercial jobs: Spray specialized coatings for sound control and hand-trowel or spray fireproofing material for fire protection
  • Fireproofing is an essential building component in high-rise office buildings and anywhere the integrity of a structure could be compromised by the heat generated during a fire

Key Skills & Attributes

(technical training and on the job)

  • Strong numeracy skills, communication & reading
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Good manual dexterity & hand-eye coordination
  • Physical stamina & ability to lift heavy materials (25 kg)
  • Ability to concentrate on detailed work
  • Comfortable working at heights
  • Ability to work with a team & independently

What You’ll Need

Entrance Requirements

Grade 10 (minimum)

To potentially reduce length of apprenticeship term: Previous training or work experience in a related trade OR a journeyperson certificate AND a completed proof of hours form.

Apprenticeship Program:

4 years, includes 8 weeks of technical training and 5,000 hours (minimum) on-the-job training per year, and exam. Journeyperson certificate awarded after successful completion. As an apprentice, you also earn while you learn.

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Hourly Pay

Contact the local union for more information on hourly pay, benefits, pensions and more.

Construction Workers Needed

55,810 Construction Workers needed by 2030*

*BuildForce Canada

Did You Know?

Plastering is one of the most ancient crafts in the building trades. From primitive times when people used their hands or stones to smooth surfaces of dwellings, plastering has evolved into a highly skilled trade involving many new materials and techniques.