Ironworker – Structural/Ornamental tradespeople fabricate and construct structural steel buildings, bridges, pre-cast structures, ornamental ironwork and join scaffolding. They erect structural steel and pre-cast components, install conveyors, secondary steel, curtain wall and sometimes perform reconstructive work on existing structures.

You like precision work.

You are comfortable working at heights & in diverse weather.

You like working outdoors & as part of a team.


  • Read blueprints & specifications to lay out work
  • Safely operate tools & equipment
  • Erect and install construction cranes & hoisting equipment
  • Position steel units, align holes and insert bolts
  • Check alignments and join steel parts by bolting or lock welding
  • Assemble and erect prefabricated metal structures & related components
  • Install ornamental/architectural and other structural metalwork

Key Skills & Attributes

(technical training and on the job)

  • Strong communication skills, reading & numeracy
  • Strong problem-solving & planning skills
  • Ability to interpret blueprints
  • Very good muscular coordination, agility & balance
  • Ability to work at heights & lift in excess of 25 kg
  • Ability to act quickly & decisively in emergencies
  • Willingness to work at various work sites

What You’ll Need

Entrance Requirements

English 10-2 and Math 10-3 OR all five Canadian General Educational Development tests OR Entrance Exam.

Apprenticeship Program: 3 years, includes technical training and 4,500 hours on-the-job training, and exam. Journeyperson certificate awarded after successful completion. As an apprentice, you also earn while you learn.

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Hourly Pay

Contact the local union for more information on hourly pay, benefits, pensions and more.

Construction Workers Needed

55,810 Construction Workers needed by 2030*

*BuildForce Canada

Did You Know?

Ironworking is a multi-faceted career and involves more than constructing buildings and bridges. Most ironworkers do more than one type of ironwork and each requires specific skills.